Visualizzazione dei post da Agosto, 2020

Approaching New York

 In 2010 I had the chance of going to NY for some days, not for photography mostly but because I was in the USA for an assignment and I took some days before to visit NY with my daughter.
 It was a period of big changes and I was sure experiencing some big one or in better words, looking for solutions for the period that was exciting but really hard.
 Looking back on that I wonder where I found the energy to overpass what was happening in those years but I’m anyway happy that the daily grind made me more than just miserable.
 So it was a search, definitely. Ten years ago I was unaware of what photography really became in these days not from the fame or success point of view but mostly as a personal experience one so I ended up doing a lot of what you may call “Street photography” that is a nonsense definition to me now. I still shoot in the streets but I changed a lot and my photography followed. In that precise moments sound and temperature collided and I can remember the landscape co