Stopping doing, stopping creating new pictures. 
In the last months I have been forced to take a break from the act of keeping create new camera works. This was due first to the pandemic situation, then to an amount of necessary work to fix the job situation, invent new things that ended up in the building of the red room. adventure.
As this may seem (and in some way is) hard and difficult, it's a good exercise to do here and then.
Just stop, observe what you have done and take time to create something out of it. 
Make editing and small prints collection, book dummies, any kind of project. Give a sense, finalize.
Now that I am back in the act of starting to print again my work I am free from the urge of having to absolutely do something new, but rather in finalize what's already done.

May seem obvious but I am finding observing as fun as shooting, the frame counter of my camera is at 24 now, and it's been in for a couple of weeks, while the enlargers are working more than ever.

And I like it.

Editing time, a break from producing new stuffs...