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Map, a serie and a diary by pictures.

 Afterwords I have been taking pictures around different cities daily for decades now. Suddenly, everything starts looking as a map of a place that has no definite name or belonging. The rhythm of the crowd, loneliness, fascination, and tiredness melt together in a swirl. Many of us experienced some sort of isolation during the pandemic from the daily grind and this looks like a diary about celebration and escape. As the act of shooting in the streets is changing for me, photographs are memory and photocopy of the daily life experience itself. A swift, successive chain of things, That flash, kaleidoscope-like, now in, now out, Now straight, now eddying in wild rings, No order, neither law, compels their moves, But endless, constant, always swiftly roves. Alice Dunbar-Nelson - 1875-1935

Map, handmade book version

For years and years has been street photography. Wandering, learning. Learning to see, to feel.  Getting awareness on life. I decided to celebrate this way of seeing in a handmade book for some lovers of photography. A hand-made book in edition of 10 copies on 20x20 cm format recycled fiber paper and rags, 26 digital photos on Permajet Matt paper 15 cm format, with a fanzine printed and stitched manually, 32 A5 pages . Both projects have manual interventions inside. Each copy contains a 15x20 size print on matte Ilford Classic Baryta paper with silver salts and other small accessories. Map is the final synthesis of a period of over twenty years.