The subway years

 During my 9 to 5 years I was going back and forth from my job with a little camera always with me, just a camera and a lens. I sold all the professional equipments because I was tired of doing this job professionally, I decided to keep photography just for me.
I was into street photography back then, and followed a local photography shop helping them with wedding photography for money, it was something totally classic, a nightmare for what I wished, so I ended up stopping and just keeping one camera and one lens.

Going back to a graphic studio required the subway, and then something started happening. No more street photography taken hiding me and the camera but more conversations, question, print mailed physically to people as a gift and thank you, and a real exchange with situations...I started to understand what photography could be.

People were running from a train to the other, gaining some precious minutes that could take them sooner at home. Decades of that and your identity can disappear, I was thinking while shooting endless rolls of film...